Monday, June 19, 2006

Fallen Angel

This is for you my Friend, Fallen_Angel aka Sany.

Isn't it beautiful?

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Computer - Random Error Generator

From what I have experienced from last few days
a normal PC can generate n no of errors
all being random
not at all related!!
i almost lost my 40gb hdd
i had to reformat it 5 times
and in the end
IDE connector had the problem!!
and i was doing all sorta stuff to make it work
anyways, all is well that ends well
now i have to start all over again
but i am used to it now
it doesnt make much difference


Thursday, May 25, 2006

That Pink Shirt

nrimahesh (05:05:44 AM): u still awake?
nrimahesh (05:07:25 AM): aise baat karne ka man kar raha tha
nrimahesh (05:07:45 AM): hope this offline message will fade away as my other messages go...
nrimahesh (05:08:23 AM): i just hope... that it wont catch your eyes,... or if it does.... you just hit the ESC
nrimahesh (05:08:50 AM): i called tonight... use nahi.. mera ek friend hai... he know everything, almost everything
nrimahesh (05:08:59 AM): uska bday kal nahi tha....
nrimahesh (05:09:04 AM): 27th ko hai
nrimahesh (05:09:15 AM): i dont know if i will wish her or not
nrimahesh (05:09:38 AM): my friend, he gave me the no, but i dont know if i will ever call...
nrimahesh (05:10:18 AM): aaj jo shirt pahanake aayi thi.... it was so similar to the one i gave.........
nrimahesh (05:10:48 AM): i dont know if its too much to ask for, and i personaly feel that i should not ask
nrimahesh (05:11:22 AM): but please try to avoid ME if you are in that shirt...
nrimahesh (05:11:55 AM): i know you will never avoid me again [you did it once, but it was ok]
nrimahesh (05:12:08 AM): but please, do use the shirt, it looks good on you
nrimahesh (05:13:19 AM): ha[sarcastic] pink is my fav... mummy ki sari sadiyaa jinhe kharidate waqt mein bhi tha are all pink
nrimahesh (05:13:31 AM): and i chose the same colour for her...
nrimahesh (05:13:49 AM): i still remember that rainy day
nrimahesh (05:14:04 AM): aaah... i told you that one already...
nrimahesh (05:14:26 AM): so no point in going through pains of remembering it again...
nrimahesh (05:16:10 AM): again and again, when i keep trying to forget ...
nrimahesh (05:16:26 AM): why do i even remember ?
nrimahesh (05:16:32 AM): i dont know...
nrimahesh (05:16:47 AM): she still talks about me to him, my friend
nrimahesh (05:17:21 AM): and once in a while when i call him, he tells me that, whether i ask or not...
nrimahesh (05:17:35 AM): maybe i call him when i remember all the things about Nagpur
nrimahesh (05:17:59 AM): all the things... Nagpur... things which i always tried to bury deep into my heart
nrimahesh (05:18:28 AM): things that i told no one, not even to him/her... not even to few of my best of best friends
nrimahesh (05:18:46 AM): i feel like drinking...
nrimahesh (05:18:51 AM): and i know i am not going to
nrimahesh (05:18:57 AM): i wont
nrimahesh (05:19:05 AM): i wont remember her again
nrimahesh (05:19:39 AM): i am going to forget that Pink is my fav, i did it once, i can do it again
nrimahesh (05:19:48 AM): i am going to forget Nagpur
nrimahesh (05:20:03 AM): and still i will go to that place to meet all my old friends...
nrimahesh (05:20:19 AM): maybe she will ask about me to him,
nrimahesh (05:20:40 AM): maybe she will ask him if he can somehow manage
nrimahesh (05:20:48 AM): so that she can see me
nrimahesh (05:21:35 AM): that old pic of mine... maybe she still have it,... like ...
nrimahesh (05:21:41 AM): like i have her sound
nrimahesh (05:22:10 AM): which keeps ringing when the wind blows through the window
nrimahesh (05:22:44 AM): i can keep that thing openly in my house...
nrimahesh (05:23:05 AM): and she has to hide the single most thing that i gave her... my i-card size pic
nrimahesh (05:23:13 AM): ha
nrimahesh (05:23:42 AM): funny... i still keep that thing with me wherever i go
nrimahesh (05:25:09 AM): more funny is that i like the sweet sound of that wind chime
nrimahesh (05:26:23 AM): still funny is that it doesnt remind me of her,
nrimahesh (05:26:42 AM): but she still remembers me
nrimahesh (05:26:59 AM): perhaps its bcoz of my small pic...
nrimahesh (05:27:11 AM): i should have send her something else
nrimahesh (05:27:20 AM): maybe the greeting card was enough
nrimahesh (05:27:44 AM): well... my friend says that greeting card was the culprit,...
nrimahesh (05:27:53 AM): but i still disagree
nrimahesh (05:57:59 AM): sochate sochate kitna time nikal gaya...
nrimahesh (05:58:18 AM): i better do some work now...
nrimahesh (05:58:44 AM): nind toh aayegi nahi... *laughs* [sarcastic, obvi]

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My first blank paper

I never thought that some day I will write a blank paper.
Yes, I wrote a blank paper.
It's very difficult, hard and painful to write such a answer paper
I mean, how can you WRITE blank paper?
It doesnt take any courage to do so
nor any intellect is required
all you need is a strong heart
strong enough to go through such time
strong enough to smile while discussing the paper afterwords with your friends
strong enough to realize that what you did was a big blody mistake.It
takes courage to accept the defeat.
for the first time in my life
i am going to get zero
and i am composing myself for it
i have already failed once in an exam
they call it JEE. My other mind still supports me by pointing out that
i was not technicaly failed. It was just bad performance than others
All these days, i had this myth which helped me to stay calm and
compose all the time
but now time has come. I should realize AND ACCEPT the truth. the
truth that I ONCE FAILED IN AN EXAM. And i should prepare myself for

31st march 2006. 10.00am after giving my ph102 second quiz


"Life is hard. After all, it kills you."

Saturday, March 04, 2006

sameer hill and charoli

been to sameer hill for the first time
that too in the night
5am of something like that
saw sunrise
it was one of my best friday nights in IIT
and i wrote something today
its in marathi
we call it charoli
4 liners

आपल्यावर कोणी मरत नाही म्हणून कुठवर झुरायच??
आपल्यावर कोणी मरत नाही म्हणून कुठवर झुरायच??

मी तर आता ठरवलय
पिहल प्रेम बायकोवरच करायच!!


Monday, February 27, 2006

new road, old advice

been to pune yesterday
didnt sleep last night so i was sleeping whenever i got my chance
even inside the shopping mall in pune
where me and my friends bought nothing,
thanks to my sleepy nature :D
now it feels gr8
been missing some1
and i found out what i was missing
i missed my old friends
had long chat with them in Caffe Coffee Day
so much fun!!

while coming back i found a new way to come from Pune to Powai
all you have to do is
ask the driver to stop on highway after the Powai flyover
and take an autorikhaw from there
just 2-3km
it was 1am
total darkness
was wondering if i could get an autorikshaw
lucky me!!
got one within 5 mins
had no luggage with me
so i asked the driver to stop at IIT Main gate
i just love walking inside our campus
while i was walking on footpath along playground
i remembered what my father once told me
"never walk on a footpath in the night in Mumbai, or Konkan area
you never know what will come through the dark bushes"
and i started walking on the main road

sometimes, you just have to accept what elders say
you are not in situation where you can debate on their advice
after all, experience matters

and believe me, i felt more secure while walking on the main road instead of footpath
sounds absurd ... but you just cant question it

you simply have to admire and respect their experience and their judgements


Sunday, February 26, 2006

work work and no time to sleep

got work to do now
its 5:21am and obviously m not going to sleep
isnt it strange...
for years we make a point to sleep early and get up early
thats when we are young
in teenage
we sleep late night... at this stage late night is defined as 1am
and after coming to hostel
we forget all our natural habbits
we become owl
sleep in daytime and work in the night



Friday, February 24, 2006

Missing something

Missing You ...
even when I have everything that I need,
I still miss you !!!
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Monday, February 13, 2006

blogthings - my color should be...

this blogthings site is really cool and making me write my blog
now i have my class in 10 mins
but still i will publish this one

Your Eyes Should Be Violet

Your eyes reflect: Mystery and allure

What's hidden behind your eyes: A quiet passion