Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wonderful Pic

I am a regular reader of this photoblog, and I liked this pic

~$udhi :)

Things Happening Around Me

I was chatting with my old friend last evening
he asked whats new/old happening with me
and i got my chance to burst out
i realised how quite and calm i was during endsems
so i kept hitting the keys on keyboard, not giving him a single chance to express what he feels
here's the chatlog, just wanted to burst out again :)

003: Aur kuch khaas hone waala hai kya?
sudarshanwadkar: khas? as in??
003: Are matlab fest-west???
sudarshanwadkar: pata nahi re,..
sudarshanwadkar: abhi toh Ma mein farra laga hai
sudarshanwadkar: use clear karna hai summer mein
sudarshanwadkar: toh yahi ruka hoon
sudarshanwadkar: ghar pe sab badhiya hai
sudarshanwadkar: tum june mein mama banoge
sudarshanwadkar: :D
003: Are waah
sudarshanwadkar: muze china youth delegation jane ka mouka mila tha
sudarshanwadkar: but maine form nahi bhara
sudarshanwadkar: reason
sudarshanwadkar: mere pass photu nahi thi
sudarshanwadkar: aur kya
sudarshanwadkar: iitians ne ek movie banayi thi suicides in iit pe
sudarshanwadkar: deja vu naam tha
sudarshanwadkar: usme maine last summer acting ki thi
sudarshanwadkar: uska iit mein premiere hua
sudarshanwadkar: bahut log aaye the dekhane
sudarshanwadkar: achhe se appreciate kiya
sudarshanwadkar: aur editing karke, thoda voice re-record karenge
sudarshanwadkar: then they'll take it to diff colleges
sudarshanwadkar: aur kya
sudarshanwadkar: summer mein maths clear karte karte
sudarshanwadkar: dept mein kaam karne ki soch raha hoon
sudarshanwadkar: banglore jane ka plan tha
sudarshanwadkar: but then ditched it
sudarshanwadkar: maths clear karna important hai
sudarshanwadkar: ghar bhi nahi gaya
sudarshanwadkar: jane wala hoon
sudarshanwadkar: but pata nahi kab
sudarshanwadkar: dekhate hai
sudarshanwadkar: naya ipod liya
sudarshanwadkar: 80gb
sudarshanwadkar: 17k types
sudarshanwadkar: aur usme abhi 1gb bhi gane nahi dale
sudarshanwadkar: reason
sudarshanwadkar: muze selected songs sunane hai
sudarshanwadkar: aur kya...
sudarshanwadkar: usme 10 gb pics dali hai
sudarshanwadkar: jo maine kabhi dekhta nahi
sudarshanwadkar: reason
sudarshanwadkar: battery jada consume hoti hai
sudarshanwadkar: what else then,...
sudarshanwadkar: ummmm..
sudarshanwadkar: too many things going on
sudarshanwadkar: seniors pass out hone wale hai
sudarshanwadkar: ek ek karke jayenge
sudarshanwadkar: toh bura lag raha hai
sudarshanwadkar: aur ... ummm
sudarshanwadkar: haan
sudarshanwadkar: swimming ke liye kal form bharna hai
sudarshanwadkar: parso se swimming bhi karni hai
sudarshanwadkar: achha lagta hai pani main
sudarshanwadkar: upar se yaha ki garmi
sudarshanwadkar: offo
sudarshanwadkar: socha tha tennis khelunga
sudarshanwadkar: but then... pasina itna aata hai bina kuch haath pair hilaye
sudarshanwadkar: toh tennis khelke pasine se nahane ka koi irada nahi hai
sudarshanwadkar: aur kya...
sudarshanwadkar: comp abhi tak thik nahi karwaya
sudarshanwadkar: nahi naya kharida
sudarshanwadkar: nahi kharidne ka abhi man hai
sudarshanwadkar: ghar pe lappy ke liye 50-60k mangane ki aukat nahi hai meri
sudarshanwadkar: toh kya bolu?
sudarshanwadkar: yehi bolta hoon ki abhi toh jarurat nahi hai comp ki
sudarshanwadkar: wingies ke comp pe baithake lukkha katata hoon
sudarshanwadkar: mails check karke orkutting karta hoon
sudarshanwadkar: movies dekhani hai is summer
sudarshanwadkar: but theater mein janeka mauka shayad hi mile
sudarshanwadkar: reason
sudarshanwadkar: dost jada ruke nahi hai
sudarshanwadkar: aur ruke bhi hai toh meri tarah unki bhi kadki chal rahi hai
sudarshanwadkar: summer mein mess bhi band ho jati hai
sudarshanwadkar: toh abhi canteen pe officialy gujara chal raha hai
sudarshanwadkar: is baar ke bday pe muze finally ek gift mila
sudarshanwadkar: last year gift ke naam pe bas bumps mile the :(
sudarshanwadkar: aur is saal ka gift bhi thoda ajeeb sa tha
sudarshanwadkar: photo frame thi... jo mere nagpur ke ek dost ne di thi
sudarshanwadkar: ab muze samaz mein nahi aa raha hai ki mein usme kiski pic lagaoon
sudarshanwadkar: nagpur ke doston ki?
sudarshanwadkar: ya meri khudki?
sudarshanwadkar: ya ghar ki?
sudarshanwadkar: ya koi aur
sudarshanwadkar: aur isi wajah se woh photo frame abhi tak khali padi hai
sudarshanwadkar: jime spiderman ki live pic lag gayi hai
sudarshanwadkar: tu padh bhi raha hai ya lappy ko band karke chala gaya

not too much is going on, is it? or is it not?
As I look back into the past, the present runs fast, pushing me into the future, aghast !

~$udhi :)