Friday, May 16, 2008

I am an 8 ball

Life here is like a pool table.
And we all are like the balls on the pool table.

I ain't no cue ball, neither I have any control over the cue stick.

I am an 8 ball,
the last one to go...

Who is using the stick, is it The One Above?
I know not, neither I care what's His target is.

You know it's foul to hit the 8 ball directly.

So The One used all you guys
pushing me
pulling me
hitting me
saving me
directing me
stopping me
making me laugh
making me cry
making me angry
making me jealous
making me think
making me lost

You! yes YOU!

and I am the 8 ball,
the last one to go

I did not know where to go,
but thanks to you guys the Journey happened.
And what a great Journey it was!
Thanks a lot, but hey! Where are you going? The game is not over yet!

... I am the 8 ball
the last one to go
and when I go
the game is over

~$udhi :)

PS: Thank you for encouraging me to post.
I can't promise more, but I'll try nevertheless.