Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Matki Phod !?

Let me tell you more about my pervious post
And explain it briefly.

I guess there is no need to explain about Wing Treat
Hiranandani is residential cum shopping area near our college.
And its very famous for its structures which looks like old Greek buildings.

Naturals Icecream : "Naturals" is an ice cream company very famous for its taste that is consistant with companies name Naturals. And its really hard to find outlet of naturals.

Matki Phod :
This is one of our traditional festival to celebrate birthday of Lord Krishna.
Lord Krishna is famous for being naughty.
As a child he used to take Curd placed somewhere at hight.
So we also do something like that to celebrate his birthday.
We take a pot and add some curd to it

Then we tie it with rope and [not in picture] and hang it to height
[It was hung from 2nd floor so you can imagine the height]

Thats how we look before going to the Footer Ground.
[The ground between two hostel wings where we play smaller version of football called FOOTER in which each team has six players including goalkeeper]

Then we throw water on footer ground to create mud so that if we fall we dont get hurt too much.
[And everyone loves to play in mud if there is no Mom to scold you !
No need to worry about dirty clothes we have washing machines in our Hostel
Hostel 3 is the best among 13 hostel
H3 Rocks!!!]

Now we remove our clothes
Not all but just Shirts

And now comes the best part
We make human tower

And try to reach the MATKI [the Pot with Curd]
You can see splash of water in the bottom left corner
Other people throw tremendous amount of water the GOPALs [person making human tower]

And sometimes the force of water is so strong [they throw it from 3rd floor]
We fall

but after trying we get the Matki

And then everyone is too happy to say anything

The AMPLIFIED and other electronics part is purely Academic.
But whatever it is I dont know any other Institutes conducting such types of workshop.
[Student manage the whole event rite from componants to managing place and electricity]

I better not say much about my quiz because I have my Physics Quiz tommorow!!!

So bye for now
And wait for 2-3 days and I will tell you more about Salsa Workshop and Face Painting Competetion
And yes for that I need some help
I dont have much space on net to upload pics
I cannt use Hello as Hello doesnt support proxy servers
and village photo that I am using is already saying that I am using all of my free space
Suggest me any other option


[PS: I am nowhere in those pics but I was team leader instructing how to form Human Tower and how to get the Matki]


hucktunes said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

Foxy;-) said...

ye that looks like a right good laugh...up to your ears in muck

The pictures are great good job.

Ron2Ron said...

Great pics Sudhi!! Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! Your whole blog looks very good Sudhi....you should be proud!!

vikash said...

you can link ur multiply photos...
and muliply give us 150/month and I think it is enough..:)
do u know html.....???

insert tag like...
[img src="http://multiply.com/...locaion_of_pic" width="100%"]
replace [] by angle bracket:)

width="100%" is important...tumhare blog ke sare picture out of frame ja rahe hain...use this...to sab achha ho jayega.