Monday, February 27, 2006

new road, old advice

been to pune yesterday
didnt sleep last night so i was sleeping whenever i got my chance
even inside the shopping mall in pune
where me and my friends bought nothing,
thanks to my sleepy nature :D
now it feels gr8
been missing some1
and i found out what i was missing
i missed my old friends
had long chat with them in Caffe Coffee Day
so much fun!!

while coming back i found a new way to come from Pune to Powai
all you have to do is
ask the driver to stop on highway after the Powai flyover
and take an autorikhaw from there
just 2-3km
it was 1am
total darkness
was wondering if i could get an autorikshaw
lucky me!!
got one within 5 mins
had no luggage with me
so i asked the driver to stop at IIT Main gate
i just love walking inside our campus
while i was walking on footpath along playground
i remembered what my father once told me
"never walk on a footpath in the night in Mumbai, or Konkan area
you never know what will come through the dark bushes"
and i started walking on the main road

sometimes, you just have to accept what elders say
you are not in situation where you can debate on their advice
after all, experience matters

and believe me, i felt more secure while walking on the main road instead of footpath
sounds absurd ... but you just cant question it

you simply have to admire and respect their experience and their judgements


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Kshitij said...

Nice pic. If you've captured that then good job =D>