Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wonderful Pic

I am a regular reader of this photoblog, and I liked this pic

~$udhi :)


gurveen said...

oye u really like fotography is a link for u
it givs u awweesoome pics dependin on the color u select..check it out..i can bet ull love it..

विकास कुमार said...

kuchh to godgiri abstract sa pic hai. mujhe to nahi chamkaa bhai...! :(

waise, blog update to kiyaa karo.

$udhi said...

thanks for the link gurveen

i almost stopped blogging
and i mail myself whenever i feel like wrtiting something

so all you can see me is commenting on other's blog :)

~$udhi :)

Vartika said...

i was just about to say what vikash said...but i already got the but seriously, one post here and there is all you gotta do if you feel like!
and now that i'm here, will just as well ask...intern where!?

$udhi said...

@MSc Chem intern not compulsory :D
fir bhi fight maar raha hoon
lets see what happens
as for blogging
I am outspoken, and when I write, I sometimes burst out
which may or may not hurt others, but it will surely get me in the future
hence not publishing any blogs :)
and to be frank, whats so different about my life here @ IITB than thousands other around me?
perhaps my take on it
which i am not sure if others will like to hear (read) about

~$udhi :)
PS: thanks for digging up my blog, I almost forgot that I had one actually :P